Then given a very late flight and had to haggle for ages to get earlier flight and told we should pay extra for it! Points négatifs : "I am almost 2 meter tall (6'4) and I asked more than 30 days before the flight to receive a seat with extra room for the legs, I was told that the flight was fully booked and there are no seat that are available. The crew did not mention that are flight was delayed prior or that we missed our connecting flight and what to do from there. Reservation Billet Italie. Attentive and friendly." And Landing in another airport with NO explanation. ", Points positifs : "The actual takeoff and landing with this airline is usually smooth" ", Points positifs : "Title says it all" They do not like you to ask questions nor do they want to answer your questions. ", Points négatifs : "The leg-space is very narrow The chair is very tiring No entertainment at all Food was tasteless But most surprising was that we were on stand by for our connecting flight. ", Points positifs : "Embarquement très rapide, vol ponctuel. Laissez-nous vous aider à trouver les meilleures offres. Points négatifs : "L’embarquement à Orly Pas de retard à Orly", Points positifs : "Crew very professional" Once on board, the staff were great and did their best to accommodate this business traveller. As a result , although I had no hold luggage (only cabin bag), I had to queue at the check-in/drop-baggage desk to obtain my boarding pass! Budget airline with no legroom or extras" ", Points négatifs : "Travelled business class and was ace experience", Points positifs : "Great plane and staff" Cherchez un vol pour Turquie sur KAYAK. Reservation Billet Espagne. ", Points négatifs : "No entertainment equipment, video or audio. Voyages de Mr. Du Mont en France, en Italie, en Allemagne, à Malthe, Et en Turquie, Vol. The quality of the food has dropped dramatically. Cabin temperature could have been a bit lower for my taste. The cheaper price is not worth the hassle. Points négatifs : "Plus de place pour les jambes en classe eco: c’est presque impossible de sortir vers le couloir sans faire lever tout le monde dans sa rangée. Après les vols domestiques, la Turquie œuvre à relancer les vols internationaux. Etihad should instruct Serbian Airlines in which they invested, how a plane (s) are to be boarded. Avec KAYAK comparez aussi les offres de dernière minute pour des vols depuis tous les aéroports de Turquie vers France. I was moved to SAA in the end after a truly traumatic time in Johannesburg. ", Points positifs : "Wifi on Board" Points négatifs : "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte", Points positifs : "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees", Points positifs : "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons. The flight attendants were very nice and attentive with cheerful smiles. When I arrived to the plain I saw that I can't seat because there is no space so I asked the flight crew to try and find a solution but they said they can't do nothing. Vous êtes tenté par un voyage au(x)/en/à Turquie ? Crew professional and quicly available Connecting flight was possible thanks to respect of time. Needless to say, I wont be booking with Air France again. ", Points positifs : "Flight was on time, nice plane with lots of leg room, flight was nice apart from near landing. Points négatifs : "Inflight duty free closed too early. ", Points négatifs : "I had a kid sitting on the seat behind me and kept kicking my seat. ", Points positifs : "Staff was responsive, effective and pleasant; Nice selection of digestifs too. ", Points positifs : "La rapidité" Vol Turquie pas cher | Air France La Turquie, un pays à la croisée de deux continents Pays à la confluence de l'Orient et de l'Occident, la Turquie rassemble un véritable éventail de civilisations, … ", Points négatifs : "This flight is apparently consistently late", Points positifs : "Crew was very polite and helpful, seat pitch was acceptable for my height (1.92 cm)" Points négatifs : "No such things", Points positifs : "The entertainment options were good. Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. Attention. I will never fly with them again", Points négatifs : "Boarding was chaotic & therefore delayed take off a little Receiving luggage was slow -@ 35 minutes from landing to luggage claim, so actual arrival was considerably later for those meeting me", Points négatifs : "Not being 1 hour late", Points positifs : "Reasonable space in economy class seats" The red wine was good." Points négatifs : "Our luggage came back damaged and open ! ", Points positifs : "la nourriture les films proposés l’accueil de l’equipage" ", Points positifs : "Le micro sandwich" Points négatifs : "1. This particular Boeing aircraft is pretty poorly designed. Points négatifs : "Seats", Points positifs : "The crew was friendly." ", Points positifs : "Crew were great, food, entertainment, seat and everything else was great as well. Points négatifs : "Airline is always late with no layover time making journeys stressful. Perhaps added security carried far. The seat itself was very comfortable when sitting and the structure gives a lot of privacy. Points négatifs : "At 31" the pitch is terrible for a tall guy like myself. La monnaie locale est la livre turque. Points négatifs : "Sometime, it gets a bit too cold. ", Points négatifs : "Boarding was confusing and disorganized", Points positifs : "Fairly nice flight. ", Points positifs : "Not much expected as it was a budget trip." ", Points positifs : "short flight but managed to get some coffee/food, very helpful and polite crew as always", Points positifs : "Was good space." ", Points positifs : "Easy check in, flight was on time, crew were nice and free meal and drink." Points négatifs : "Le repas n'était pas très bon et j'ai eu faim", Points négatifs : "No TV in the chair ,even no group TV The the crew member in the business class lady was too aggressive in her way as if we are working for her , too tide chairs", Points positifs : "Lufthansa should keep up the standard." We couldn’t get a seat. Points négatifs : "The movie options, as well as music and TV options were limited. Points négatifs : "Food and seating", Points positifs : "The crew" Points négatifs : "I have never been on a flight where there were so many screaming infants, and so loudly. ", Points négatifs : "Check in at Berlin was extremly slow. Si votre vol à destination de la Turquie atterrit à l’aéroport international Sabiha-Gökçen (SAW), rejoignez la place de Taksim au cœur d’Istanbul via le service de navettes que propose par exemple Havas, ou par … Austrian Airways uses jets for BEG-VIE service. Les offres de vols Turquie - France … ", Points positifs : "Crew very professional" Points négatifs : "Boarding was unnecessarily chaotic. Air France is incompetent, insensitive and unprofessional. Points négatifs : "he had no choice but to look at the closed door of his flight, and wait an additional 7 hours and they didn't even give him a voucher for food. ", Points positifs : "their services in the plain and they are very discipline as well" Points négatifs : "Le système de divertissement à bord", Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord et le service délivré sur un vol national", Points positifs : "Rien" ", Points positifs : "Nothing" Points négatifs : "I just didn’t enjoy the entrainment. To enter the gate, we were completely rescreened, although we had been screened to go from Bucharest to Belgrade. KAYAK Mix vous permet de combiner des allers simples pour économiser par rapport à un aller-retour traditionnel. But needs upgrading air crafts. Il y avait un delai .mais c'est pas grave", Points positifs : "Food" If you have an important trip avoid Air France - they treat you like captives not customers. Boarding involved making everyone wait standing up for more than twenty five minutes corralled into as corner. The staff in Turkey was rude and unhelpful and most didn’t understand English properly. However, some of my travel companions slept right through the flight. Points négatifs : "Plane left 45 minutes late. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "KLM are our airline of choice. Crew was very professional and friendly. Porto. Food was identical to what we had been offered on previous flight, and the outbound one. large queue Seats were exactly the same as economy so offered no added benefits apart from the meal on board parked in a distant area of the terminal and had to shuttle bus to 2E which meant a very tight transfer", Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed 3 times and when I was finally put on a flight that was leaving, they failed to check the connection in Paris (Left me 10 minutes to get from the aircraft to the other plane!) ", Points positifs : "Timely and smooth teansit." We had to wait 2 hours in the plane 2. there is no way to use the monitors (not a personal monitor). No 2135. Si vous pouvez vous permettre un peu de spontanéité, faites votre recherche avec des dates flexibles. My luggage went missing and I'm still waiting for it to be delivered. ", Points positifs : "La régularité du vol L’acceuil et la disponibilité des hôtesses" Points négatifs : "Movies are not very new, i was asked to clear security again at istanbul gate after going to bathroom but i guess that makes me feel safe even though was inconvenient", Points positifs : "Nothing much to shout about this flight. ", Points positifs : "Traveled fron SFO to CDG on AF in business class on an A 380. Points négatifs : "I book flights and they toke money and last minute when i went to the airport is not existing at all", Points positifs : "E" G..?..) ", Points positifs : "Everything went well." Points négatifs : "One of our entertainment consuls had to be rebooted 4 times and still didn’t work. Coronavirus : La Turquie suspend tous les vols en provenance de Chine TURQUIE / SANTÉ - La Turquie a décidé de suspendre tous les vols en provenance de Chine jusqu’à fin février, a déclaré le ministre de la … Møre than 5 hrs delay", Points négatifs : "None of our 4 checked bags arrived with us. Restrictions d'entréeLa Turquie a maintenant levé la plupart de ses restrictions de voyage liées au COVID-19, mais les voyageurs qui ne sont pas des résidents ou des ressortissants turcs ne peuvent pas entrer en Turquie s'ils arrivent d'Afghanistan ou du Bangladesh.Exigences d'entréeToutes les personnes entrantes en Turquie feront l'objet d'une évaluation médicale des symptômes du coronavirus, y compris des contrôles de température. ", Points négatifs : "Legroom is extremely tight Boarding processes, including weighing of hand luggage are chaotic and feel like they are designed to catch people out.